Hello and thanks for looking at my blog. I am a complete beginner but hope to show you some of the things I have been working on.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Fusion again!

I finally got round to finishing the poinsettia table mat.

And also a few other items...

A wooden fruit bowl painted with pine branches

 Acouple of Pringles tubes.
These will be given to a lady at the W.I. wo fill with home made cookies for the xmas raffle

this is the side of a box, and here is the lid

This is ashiny bronze box with a plastic coating so I couldn't crackle or emboss it.


And this is a silver box.

This is a biscuit barrel I was given, The design is from a book on folk art.

It's time I stopped painting things and turned my attention to Christmas cards.

But it's Sheena's Workshop on Sunday so I'll be coming back with loads of ideas to keep me busy.
I've painted my pinny ready for the day.
But for now,  back to the Chrstmas cards.


  1. Hi Barbara! gosh you have been a busy bee haven't you just. They all look fab!
    Sheilagh :) x

  2. watch out everyone, if it isnt nailed down or it stands still for too long Barbara will paint fusion it! All you projects are fab, keep it up and the world will be a much prettier place.
    Luv Heather x x