Hello and thanks for looking at my blog. I am a complete beginner but hope to show you some of the things I have been working on.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Christmas Fusion

Well I have been busy with Sheena's Christmas Fusion stamps and here are another set of table mats - well almost a set as I didn't like the Poinsettia one so have scrubbed it off and I'm starting again


I also painted a couple of round boxes; here are the large and the small ones.

The lid from above and the side view

the small one has robins round the side singing fa la la etc.

I've also painted my pinny, not an easy task as the paint disappears into the fabric as soon as you turn away; and I've painted a pair of trousers that I spilt glue on.  The pinny will not be revealed until the workshop in October.
The Fusioning Fever has even tempted me to attacking a large canvas and giving it the Sheena treatment.

Talking of workshops, I'm teaching one next Saturday at Crafty Addicts in Chorley so I'd better get my list out and make sure I've got everything I need.

Not only am I a crafter and Fusioneer, I belong to a couple of Knit and Natter groups.  One group knits for charities and we meet once a month.  Another group meets in the library in town every week.  There is more nattering than knitting and a great deal of pattern swapping but it's great fun, and if you are stuck with something there is always someone to help out.

I decided that our local library could do with the same so have started a group on a Friday afternoon and the group is growing as word is getting round.

The next job is to start using the stamps to make Christmas cards - some people have already made dozens.  I'd better get a move on.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Paint Fusion.
After attending a workshop with Sheena Douglass in May, I started painting everything that didn't move.
This is a biscuit barrel I was given at Christmas.  ( The biscuits were rubbish but the tin was good)

Then a member of my Tuesday Craft Club  ( at Crafty Addicts in Chorley) gave me a set of table mats she was throwing out, she thought I might be able to paint on them.
 No sooner said than done - well not quite so quickly as I had to peel off the plastic topping, scrape off the picture and the glue.  Then after a couple of coats of primer they were ready to go.  And here's the result.

The mats were inked and embossed round the edges and warnished with matt finish to protect them in case I ever want to actually use them.

I showed them to Sheena at a demo day at Inspirations in Preston.  I have to say I got good marks for my homework.

This is a plastic picnic plate  - didn't dare emboss that!

And this is an easter egg tin bucket, it had colorful pictures of a super hero on it and one side was embossed.  I sprayed it black and decoupaged a sunflower over the emossed part.
I think you can this is the beginning of an obsession.