Hello and thanks for looking at my blog. I am a complete beginner but hope to show you some of the things I have been working on.

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Post Christmas lull

Merry Christmas bloggers if it's not too late. At last I have found time to update my blog.  In addition to making Christmas cards, (and there's always the fancy one you want to make but haven't found time to do)  I foolishly decided to do a craft fair to raise funds and make space.  What a waste of time that was, all the preparation and packing up and I failed to make even the money to cover the table.  None of the 'Fusioned' items sold or even decorated xmas boxes, just a couple of headbands and half a dozen cards.

Here are some of the things that were on my stall;
A tray painted in dark bluebackground with apples and pears, holly leaves and other foliage.  Once again the photo doesn't do it justice.

I also decorated some small trinket boxes

At first I tried to stamp them with smaller floral stamps but the combination of the clasp and the curved surface made it impossible so I turned to peg stamps - ideal and completed in no time.  Thankfully several of my craft group were only too happy to but some for xmas presents.

I decorated boxes too...

and brought them all home again.
  There was even a cigar box suitcase style bag
 and a fruit bowl painted with pansies this time.  But never mind, better luck next time, I'll try again in the spring, perhaps my pots and planters will be more suited to a conservatory.

Now Christmas is over it's time to tidy the craft room,  it looks as though a typhoon passed through.
My friend has given me a labelling machine so I will have to get my stamps organised and label the boxes, the trouble is, as fast as I pack things into boxes and decide that is it, I find something else to add to the box and it isn't big enough so I have to start all over again.
The curly scarves were well received and now it's time to try something different, and I also have to get back to my charity blanket, knitting squares with a leaf pattern in the corner - sew 4 together and it makes a flower.  I think I need 40 blocks of 4 squares and I have about 28 blocks so far. If I am to make the next convoy to Roumania in March I'll have to get cracking.  Today I have been teaching Heahter of Crafty Addicts how to crochet. I've started her on a square blanket, but the objective is flowers for decorating headbands and bags etc.
My next project is to renovate a set of dolls furniture ( Sheena style) and make a couple of Rag dolls to sit on the settle.

Meanwhile, the remains of the turkey are waiting to be transformed into a tasty meal, so it's back to the kitchen for me.
Happy New Year to all.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Another Fusion Workshop

Another Fusion workshop with Sheena and this time I was accompanied by fellow crafter Shirley which made the day even more enjoyable.  Sheena was in fine form as usual and we all enjoyed the day. 
What I didn't enjoy a few days later was finding my photo on her blog.  2 of us had painted our pinnies so we had to pose for the camera!  They got me with my eyes closed and I look as though I've been on the bottle all day.  Well I was sitting close to where Sheena was spraying with Pray and Sparkle

We completed a 3 disc wall hanging,

a card using the tree stamp

 and a poinsettia ready to mount on a card but ran out of time.  Although most of us there had attended a previous workshop and were competent with the brushwork, there were others who were complete beginners.  Since then I have been making 'Fusion' cards, so here they are along with the completed poinsettia.

I was not happy with this last one but others have admired it so I guess it's ok.
My apologies for the poor photography, and for the fact that they are sideways, I have a new computer and I can't find an editing facility in the new software.  But who wants to be fiddling with the computer when there are cards waiting to be made, stamping to do and dies to cut, speaking of which I have just recieved a fab Frosty border die and corner, mostly out od stock but Oyster stamps have it, also lots of other super dies, going on my xmas list right now, along with used-up Copics.  It used to be new clothes, perfume and jewellery - how times have changed.

I have also completed a tray using an idea from a book but have drawn my own shapes, cut them out and traced rond them.  Forgot to take a photo so you'll have to wait until mext time for that.
So for now, it's back to the cuttlebug to cut some more frosty borders.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Fusion again!

I finally got round to finishing the poinsettia table mat.

And also a few other items...

A wooden fruit bowl painted with pine branches

 Acouple of Pringles tubes.
These will be given to a lady at the W.I. wo fill with home made cookies for the xmas raffle

this is the side of a box, and here is the lid

This is ashiny bronze box with a plastic coating so I couldn't crackle or emboss it.


And this is a silver box.


As well as card making and painting, I'm also a keen knitter.  Although I knitted for my children when they were small I'd got out of the habit but took it up again when convalescing after knee surgery.  I joined a group that knits for charity and my needles hve been clicking ever since. I also join a group knitting for ourselves and have recently formed a group in our local branch library in a bid to keep it open.

Here is a childs jacket made from self patterning wool.  It was admired so much I thought I would share it with you.

I've also become obsessed with curly scarves

Here are just  a few!

I've also been knitting hats and scarves for the elderly.  This was a request from the fire service so they can hand them out to pensioners who can't afford to run the heating.  It's scandalous isn't it? 

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Christmas Fusion

Well I have been busy with Sheena's Christmas Fusion stamps and here are another set of table mats - well almost a set as I didn't like the Poinsettia one so have scrubbed it off and I'm starting again


I also painted a couple of round boxes; here are the large and the small ones.

The lid from above and the side view

the small one has robins round the side singing fa la la etc.

I've also painted my pinny, not an easy task as the paint disappears into the fabric as soon as you turn away; and I've painted a pair of trousers that I spilt glue on.  The pinny will not be revealed until the workshop in October.
The Fusioning Fever has even tempted me to attacking a large canvas and giving it the Sheena treatment.

Talking of workshops, I'm teaching one next Saturday at Crafty Addicts in Chorley so I'd better get my list out and make sure I've got everything I need.

Not only am I a crafter and Fusioneer, I belong to a couple of Knit and Natter groups.  One group knits for charities and we meet once a month.  Another group meets in the library in town every week.  There is more nattering than knitting and a great deal of pattern swapping but it's great fun, and if you are stuck with something there is always someone to help out.

I decided that our local library could do with the same so have started a group on a Friday afternoon and the group is growing as word is getting round.

The next job is to start using the stamps to make Christmas cards - some people have already made dozens.  I'd better get a move on.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Paint Fusion.
After attending a workshop with Sheena Douglass in May, I started painting everything that didn't move.
This is a biscuit barrel I was given at Christmas.  ( The biscuits were rubbish but the tin was good)

Then a member of my Tuesday Craft Club  ( at Crafty Addicts in Chorley) gave me a set of table mats she was throwing out, she thought I might be able to paint on them.
 No sooner said than done - well not quite so quickly as I had to peel off the plastic topping, scrape off the picture and the glue.  Then after a couple of coats of primer they were ready to go.  And here's the result.

The mats were inked and embossed round the edges and warnished with matt finish to protect them in case I ever want to actually use them.

I showed them to Sheena at a demo day at Inspirations in Preston.  I have to say I got good marks for my homework.

This is a plastic picnic plate  - didn't dare emboss that!

And this is an easter egg tin bucket, it had colorful pictures of a super hero on it and one side was embossed.  I sprayed it black and decoupaged a sunflower over the emossed part.
I think you can this is the beginning of an obsession.